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Discussion Room One is meant for newcomers to the hobby.
Appropriate topics included items like:
·        What is the best train set for a 10 year old?
·        What is the advantage of flex track vs sectional track?
·        What interests you about model trains?
·        What is your favorite railroad?
·        Which is more fun, freight trains or passenger trains?

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IttyBittyRailroad(Z) -  04-17-2021 04:26
     Hello! As a fairly new model railroader, I am not very familiar with the brands available. Anyone know the best brands for Z scale trains?

-  04-17-2021 04:27
     Micro-Trains has some very good Z scale.

Andy Ambrose -  04-17-2021 04:28
     Marklin also do a good range on Z-scale, but they are predominantly German.

IttyBittyRailroad(Z) -  04-17-2021 04:32

jimbo -  04-17-2021 04:32
     I think back to when z scale first became known, was very expensive. Thankfully over time the price has become more inline for a hobby.

-  04-17-2021 04:38
     If any newbies to the hobby (or veterans alike) are interested in managing your model train collection check out the https://www.modelRailroadCollector.wiki project.  Live q&a stream in about 30 mins.

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:00
     Im looking for anything military based train sets, buildings and

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:01
     Any ideas?

-  04-17-2021 05:01
     What scale?

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:01

-  04-17-2021 05:02
     Roco made a wide variety of HO scale military vehicles for many eras. Walthers makes some tanks in HO.

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:03
     Any train sets ?

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:03
     What era, WWII where heavy pullman cars where used to move troops or present day military

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:04
     Yes, ww2

-  04-17-2021 05:04
     There have been train sets made in the past with a military theme. They were very entry level, not detailed models.

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:05
     Okay, thank you. Just thought I’d check here and see. It’s super hard to find

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:06
     As was stated by the moderator "sets" are very entry level. If I may I would suggest you research how accurate you want to be and purchase the items that you want to put into the hobby and be accurate for the period.

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:06
     Get a copy of Walthers catalog, they do carry a vast supply of products

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:06
     👍, thanks Jimbo

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:07
     and no i do not work for Walthers

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:07
     There is some very nice product covering that era from trains, rolling stock, figures and building

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:08

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:08
     That era you will be looking for steam engines

Doug -  04-17-2021 05:09
     I will check out their catalog. Yes, steam engines

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:09
     Yes, they are a supplier of a good assortment of model railroad equipment.

jimbo -  04-17-2021 05:09
     I was fortuntate my grandfather served in WWII so I had a decent knowledge hearing his stories of traveling on the trains

-  04-17-2021 05:45
     The Great Northern Railway Society is offering a free download of their March publications.
Visit there booth on the show floor and just complete the Contact Us form and put “Download” in the message line

BigEngin -  04-17-2021 06:06
     hello there!

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:09
     Good afternoon

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:10
     Is anyone here?

BigEngin -  04-17-2021 06:10

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:12
     Hello!  I am getting back into O scale after many, many years.  Can Hi-rail wheel locomotives and scale wheel locomotives run on a 3 rail layout at the same time?  (All I've every used before was what I believe is now referred to as conventional control.)

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:13
     I am interested in the new digital control systems.

BigEngin -  04-17-2021 06:23
     me to!

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:37
     Hello, is anyone here to answer questions now?

-  04-17-2021 06:37
     I can try.

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:38
     Please see my questions above on Hi-rail wheels and scale wheels.  Can these locomotives now be run on the same 3 rail layout?

-  04-17-2021 06:40
     They are not fully interchangeable. Typically hi-rail cars have large flanges that would be too large for O scale layouts. Going the other way, O scale cars have smaller flanges that don't operate very well on hi-rail track.

barry -  04-17-2021 06:41
     hi there, my favorite railroad is the Pennsylvania railraod, preferable the elmira branch line

Jack L -  04-17-2021 06:44
     I have an Atlas O 3 rail track layout.  Wheel flange issues aside, is it possible to run both 3 rail and 2 rail locomotives on the same layout together with say an MTH DCS system?

-  04-17-2021 06:47
     No, you would not be able to run 2 rail locomotives on a 3 rail layout.

dave -  04-17-2021 06:50
     hello, barry have you heard of the benning yard in wash,dc

CRSR2021 -  04-17-2021 07:09

CRSR2021 -  04-17-2021 07:10
     What do people think of staging yards?

-  04-17-2021 07:11
     Staging yards are a good idea.

jimbo -  04-17-2021 07:11
     they are great if you have the room and enjoy that aspect of model railroading

CRSR2021 -  04-17-2021 07:13
     I made one for my ho scale layout. its in between levels

jimbo -  04-17-2021 07:18
     built one one time as a shelf type that fed into main layout

jeff -  04-17-2021 07:23
     i have a gravity yard :)

nick -  04-17-2021 07:37
     is there cups here or shirts?

-  04-17-2021 07:39
     Daylight Sales has shirts here: https://www.wgh.guru/booths/booth-daylight-sales

Dan Miller -  04-17-2021 08:21
     Just getting started. Anyone have a preferred brand and if so what do you like about it?

READING LOVER -  04-17-2021 09:01

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 09:24
     Hi everyone technical question here. Recently bought a decoder second hand that is a sound decoder for a dash 8 and was wondering if the sound file would work on a dash 9 or ac4400

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:37
     is there a chat sizes for model train to help us

-  04-17-2021 10:37
     Do you mean a chart showing sizes?

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:38
     Kind like this but when ever we need help with our layouts and to help others

-  04-17-2021 10:39
     There is a lot of introductory information on this link:

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:39
     yes sorry

-  04-17-2021 10:39

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:39
     Thank you for understanding

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:41
     Is this all the time

-  04-17-2021 10:42
     No, it is our first online event.

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:43
     I would like to do a chat site all the time just chat kind like facebook but for model train fan. To help us

-  04-17-2021 10:44
     That would be cool.

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:44

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:45
     and very helpful to get the young kids in model trains

-  04-17-2021 10:45
     Are there any model railroad clubs near you?

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:46
     yes but suck so much

-  04-17-2021 10:46
     That's too bad.

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:47
     I would like to thank you so very much I have truly enjoyed this day. I also have learned so much. Thank you so much for all the hard work.

-  04-17-2021 10:47
     You are very welcome and we are glad this was beneficial to you.

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:48
     Hope you all stay very safe and your family and friend all stay very safe I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers

Ryan124 -  04-17-2021 10:48
     Take Care

-  04-17-2021 10:49
     Thank you