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Show FAQ's

1) Where are the various rooms?You can navigate from the top navigation bar as well as anywhere in the schedule.

2) Some videos or live streams seem pixelated or jumpy, what can I do?Unfortunately, bandwidth constraints can cause this issue and there is little than can be done about. Try watching from a device that has a large internet bandwidth.

3) I just don’t seem to be getting the site to work, is there anything I can do?We use several mirrored sites, you can try changing sites. We use,, and Try a different site if your site is not working properly.

4) One of the links in the show doesn’t work, what do I do?Please report problems with the problem report form and we will attempt to resolve the issue.

5) How do I contact an exhibitor?Most exhibitors have a chat room, form or link to their website. If you are still having trouble contacting an exhibitor, please report a problem on our problem report form

6) The chat never approves my message, or I never get a response?Because of volume, many of the chat questions may not have been be able to be answered. After the show you can visit the exhibitor's website and contact them via the facilities provided on their website.

7) I am interested in hosting a similar on line show who do I contact?Send an email to and someone will contact you next week.