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Chat History

     Good Morning Everyone!!!

-  04-17-2021 04:13
     Good morning... Errr. Afternoon!

-  04-17-2021 04:13
     This is Drayton chatting with you.

Jon M -  04-17-2021 04:22
     Howdy! Any chance of following the N scale UP turbines with similar things from other roads... perhaps C&O's M1? :)

EspeeGoldenState -  04-17-2021 04:28

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 04:29

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:30
     Good morning from Oregon! Don't have to work till tonight, so here I be

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 04:30
     afternoon drayton! will y'all be making in another run of the es44 the late DC type? for BNSF.

Jon M -  04-17-2021 04:35
     Yes, C&O M1 is their turbine loco.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:35
     I need a Scaletrains hat for work. Seems fitting to wear on the railroad

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 04:36
     Are any of the MTH HO products coming down the pipeline in 2021?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:36
     HO version of the M1, too

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 04:38
     Morning from Indiana

David Shrewsbury -  04-17-2021 04:38
     I know your tired of being asked, but any additional info about HO 4 axle announcement

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:38

Jonathan S -  04-17-2021 04:39
     N scaler here - great fan and owner of (too many) of your GEVOs. Are you considering entering the passenger space or do you consider that market too saturated?

JeffShultz -  04-17-2021 04:39
     As soon as I heard Drayton say "working sanders" I knew Joel had to be around...

Kcarroll -  04-17-2021 04:40
     Does scale trains have any plans to run caboose projects?

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 04:41
     well, my plan is to "backdate" my C4's to the mid run of them

Casey -  04-17-2021 04:42
     Looking forward to getting my BNSF C4s in the next few days! Hope to have a Citirail ES44AC someday to go with them . . .

Patrick -  04-17-2021 04:42
     Run 3 rivet counter sd45 in D&RGW?

CentralJerseyRailfan -  04-17-2021 04:42
     Hello Drayton, is there an estimate when the second release of ES44s might be announced? My fingers crossed are the CSX 3000-series units and many others are very interested in other variations like the latest CP and UP versions like UP boy scouts and breast cancer unit.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:43
     Any plans for shows in 2021? I understand the Covid restrictions come in to play.  

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 04:43
     I am in Crown Point, Indiana which is 35 min from Chicago.

Casey -  04-17-2021 04:43
     Checking in from Phoenix, AZ btw. Scaletrains has a lot of fans here

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 04:43
     Are there any plans of a new run of FOT trucks? The first run sold out instantly everywhere.

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 04:44
     With the success of the Tunnel Motors and SD45s in Espee, Cotton Belt, DRGW, will there be additional runs in the future with different numbers and later versions (i.e. Roseville 'SP' repaints from the 90s)?

JeffShultz -  04-17-2021 04:46
     Do you have a schedule for new product (as opposed to new paint scheme) announcements, or are they announced as soon as they are ready for pre-order?

Jack C. -  04-17-2021 04:46
     I heard that you have purchased rights to build MTH trains so when are you going to build the HO NYC 1938 Dryfus with matching passenger cars thanks jc

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:47
     Thanks, Jeff.🤣

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:48
     A woodchip car selection would be a huge seller.  Please take a look into that.  Many variants.

bngreen70 -  04-17-2021 04:50
     If guys do another run of the SD45 would love to see NP,CBQ. Love the BN green ones. The definitive SD45

Patrick -  04-17-2021 04:50
     Awesome! Thank you

Rwc4400 -  04-17-2021 04:51
     Have electrics been discussed as projects, specifically, the GE E44 owned by PRR, PC and Conrail?

TG Phillips -  04-17-2021 04:52
     Are there any plans to make any paint out SD'45's CNW had locomotives in Conrail paint out but with CNW markings.-

EspeeGoldenState  -  04-17-2021 04:52
     Why not just do a BNSF 4723 minus the MSTS logo? As delivered version

Kcarroll -  04-17-2021 04:53
     Have y'all looked at doing any MOW equipment?

Mike Pralle -  04-17-2021 04:53
     Are there any plans to make a C30-7?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 04:54
     SXT "Family of Trucks" like the packs that shipped with the coil cars.

CentralJerseyRailfan -  04-17-2021 04:54
     Thanks for explaining my first question! I found that a bit of interest because the tooling of CSXT 1776 and 3194 are part of the 3000 series which includes "plain jane" versions in YN3B Boxcar paint.

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 04:54
     you think you can offer BNSF 6887? its got a ATSF sticker on the side of the nose, if you wanna look up it on RRPA its on there!

Casey -  04-17-2021 04:55
     Are there any more Kit Classics cars planned?

bngreen70 -  04-17-2021 04:56
     Woodchip cars YES

lukeh2459 -  04-17-2021 04:58
     I'm sure you guys get this all the time, but any plans for WC SD45s?

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 04:59
     That is great news regarding future Espee models. I'm a big fan and owner of quite a few of your Tunnel Motors and SD45s. I model the Espee from 1989-1996 pre merger

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 04:59
     Can I get sugar free candy in my future orders?  Diet. 😁

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 05:00
     I really appreciate Scale Trains website and customer service. I get my orders shipped and received quickly and the communication is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Paul -  04-17-2021 05:01
     Second the Woodchip Cars

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 05:01
     Are there any plans for boxcars?

Jaykay86 -  04-17-2021 05:03
     Patched SP dash9 ... please

JeffShultz -  04-17-2021 05:04
     Third the woodchip cars, west coast FMC and PACCAR types.

EspeeGoldenState  -  04-17-2021 05:04
     Are we are getting the rest of the BNSF legacy hoppers anytime soon?

-  04-17-2021 05:04
     Thank you all for participating. We really enjoy interacting with our customers !!

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:04
     Recently was able to shoot some close ups of a GP40-2 and Conrail N21 caboose. Would SXT be interested in me sending them over for future product research?

Paul -  04-17-2021 05:04
     How about real wood decks on flats etc... the

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 05:04
     Shane announced NS heritage units on runs 2 and 3 for the ES44s, is there a timeframe for the second run?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 05:05
     Big shout out to Scaletrains customer service and the tech department.  Y'all emailed me the road specific files for me Lok decoders

TG Phillips -  04-17-2021 05:05
     Would Scale Trains ever consider releasing BL'2's

Ozzie Pramwew -  04-17-2021 05:05
     the see through steps on the HO GEs seem to fall off during shipping, is there anything that can be done to make sure they stay on better?  Thanks!

Silas -  04-17-2021 05:06
     Are there plans to make ballast hoppers for BNSF or UP

-  04-17-2021 05:07
     Our Product Development team does use customer suggestions as one part of the decision making process. As Drayton mentioned, send your suggestions to:  Ideas@ScaleTrains.com

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:11
     Will NS T3 GEVO

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:11
     Will NS T3 gevo's be released with PTC? Ignore prior message.

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:12
     I may have missed it, but any plans for an SW1? These locomotives have been around since the late 1930's, are still in service today, and owned by tons of Class I's as well as short lines and industrial users. We only have the so-so Walthers unit.

Casey -  04-17-2021 05:14
     Any plans to offer separate detail parts? I have so many units from other manufactures that I would like to add Scaletrains MU hoses etc. to

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 05:15
     im sure you will do this, but on the EX MTH ace's will the radiator grills be see though like the OMI ones are?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:17
     Do you happen to know if the next run of ATSF Dash 9's will have the corrected shade of red?

Silas -  04-17-2021 05:18
     Will there be re-run of 5188 covered hoppers?

Larry Romaine -  04-17-2021 05:20
     Any N scale news? When will the N scale Top Hats be coming in?

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:21
     I’m looking at the new Santa Fe Dash 9 (Run 4) artwork and it seems to indicate that there are two shades of red on the model.  Is this an artwork artifact or is intended for the upcoming model.  Is the red darker than the first run of warbonnets and do you plan the make the silver a little more silver and less metallic looking.  I’m aware that the new red is based off a paint chip, however was the chip off a newly delivered or sunbaked.  The previous version silver seemed to be little too dark.  

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:22
     Can stair well lights be added on the four corners like the prototype on the new Dash 9s.

Brett Dickinson -  04-17-2021 05:23
     Will a 4-axle locomotive be announced in 2021?

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:23
     I sent an email to sales earlier this week that didn't have a detail answer.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:24
     Shall I send another email to sales again?

Brett Dickinson -  04-17-2021 05:24
     Great to hear!

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:24
     Ever considered narrow gauge models?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:25
     Would loads ever be offered for the F68AH bulkhead flats and F68BH finger rack flats?

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:25
     Cincinnati, OH

mark warzecha -  04-17-2021 05:25
     im from akron ohio

Larry Romaine -  04-17-2021 05:25
     My train room in Blairsville, GA

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:25
     Tuning in from South Central PA

conrailmow -  04-17-2021 05:25
     Hickory NC

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 05:26
     Here at home in Crown Point, Indiana

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:26
     Currently in Boston, transferred from LA.

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:26
     Lakeville, Mn

Brett Dickinson -  04-17-2021 05:26
     Southern Illinois

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:27
     As a Q modeler, thanks for the Havelock gons!!!

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 05:27
     Love your YouTube Channel

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:27
     Are more DRGW models on the way? Sd45s maybe?

Doug N -  04-17-2021 05:27
     Mill Valley, CA

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:28
     Now I just need some CB&Q SD45's...

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:29
     They were green on the CB&Q

Brett Dickinson -  04-17-2021 05:29
     Will you guys have a table at the St. Louis RPM meet in July?

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:29
     I model Chicago to Mpls/StP with Savanna yard.

1971 eagle -  04-17-2021 05:29

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:29
     Right, pre-merger paint along with the new U23C's.

Tiechman31 -  04-17-2021 05:30
     Wheeling Lake Erie SD40-2 🙌🏻

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:30
     With the majority of modern GE locomotives produced by your company, would rebuilds be considered as one of the next steps in the "GE Family"?

Larry Romaine -  04-17-2021 05:30
     Will you be at the NMRA Piedmont Division show in the fall?

Mike Musick -  04-17-2021 05:30
     Hey, guys! Really looking forward to the N scale Standard Turbines! Shipping Monday or so, yes?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:33
     One last question here before I leave; will ScaleTrains eventually venture out to more social media platforms such as Instagram and will new dealers come about in the near future?

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:33
     Sorry, Mpls/StP is Minneapolis/St. Paul. Savanna is Savanna, Illinois. The line saw the CB&Q SD45's regularly, many times with EL SD45's and SDP45's in the mix.

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:33
     Tuning in from Nashville

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:33
     So EL modelers can use the CB&Q as they ran together all the way to New Jersey.

Mike Musick -  04-17-2021 05:34
     They'll look great with the Big Blows already on the layout. Thanks!

BnDTrainRepair.com -  04-17-2021 05:34
     Yes how do one become a dealer?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 05:35
     Alright, thanks for the live, Drayton and Shane! Have a good rest of your afternoon. Keep up the great work at ScaleTrains!

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:35
     How many projects does scale trains typically have in the process at the same time?

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 05:35
     So just joining the convo here but with you guys acquiring MTH Ho will you guys offer retro kits for changing from proto to soundtraxx?

-  04-17-2021 05:36
     As Drayton mentioned, we are working on improving our infrastructure so that we can support a broader dealer network. Email us at: Sales@ScaleTrains.com

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 05:37
     Loksound I meant sorry

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:39
     I know you guys just started the ideas email for submitted ideas. Ever thought about publishing those ideas and allow voting on them to see about other interest?

Brett Dickinson -  04-17-2021 05:39
     When a product is announced such as a locomotive, what is the minimum number of units needed for a run?

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 05:39
     What kind of eta on those before  you do that remote as I have a few or is this all still so new?

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:40
     sweet! That would be awesome!

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:40
     Awesome idea.

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:40
     One of the ditch lights on my Tier 4 GEVO doesn’t work. Is this an easy fix?

tony -  04-17-2021 05:40
     Hello, I am an N scaler,  wondering what you have for upcoming releases

DG -  04-17-2021 05:40
     are you guys gonna re tool any of the MTH Models you release?

-  04-17-2021 05:41
     @Rodger. Contact our Product Support team at Support@ScaleTrains.com for assistance. They will have questions and can suggest possible solutions.  

SamDelauter -  04-17-2021 05:44
     Are there any plans to do the SD45 in Erie Lackawanna? I would love to have them in ho and n scale. As for n scale there is a major lack of the sd45

tony -  04-17-2021 05:44
     Thanks for the update

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 05:44
     sorry one last question on the mth, you said you won’t be doing the servicing on them do you know who does? And will you keep the MTH name on those new items when you ramp them up or will they be under the scale trains names?

Skylark81  -  04-17-2021 05:45
     Do you guys carry any frisco line items?

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:46
     Do you plan to make a standard nose Santa Fe SD40-2 in addition to the snoot currently planned

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 05:47
     Are there any plans on doing any other variety of HO autoracks besides the Multi Max?

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:47
     I’d love to see a Rivet Counter modern reefer

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 05:48
     Very nice

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:49

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:50
     those are cool too

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:50
     With sound!

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 05:51
     Any plans for any Operation Life Saver Dash 9s or SD40-2s in NS?

AlexC -  04-17-2021 05:51
     Some river counter 100 ton hoppers (especially in drgw) would be awesome!

mark warzecha -  04-17-2021 05:51
     that be cool

Pathill82  -  04-17-2021 05:52
     Rivet counter passenger cars!

Pathill82  -  04-17-2021 05:52
     Washington state

Randy -  04-17-2021 05:52
     Randy in Moorpark, CA

drsrr -  04-17-2021 05:53
     Napa CA

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:53
     will there be more well cars in the future?

Jim -  04-17-2021 05:53
     Just got on line and would like to inquire as to how soon scaleTrains.com plan to offer an SD40-2 with ditchlights...model paint scheme with the Z line demarcating the gray and yellow.

Rodger -  04-17-2021 05:54
     excellent! I missed out on the first run.

Matthew K -  04-17-2021 05:55
     Any updates on the status of the WSOR 40th anniversary unit?

DG -  04-17-2021 05:55
     any plans for alaska railroad locomotives?

Jim -  04-17-2021 05:58
     Sorry for the confusion Drayton. The more modern UP scheme uses a paint scheme in which the straight line separating the Harbor Mist gray of the top with the Armour Yellow on the long hood. This is referred to as the "Z scheme".  These modern units, with ditch lights, are renumbered into the 1400 series from the 3000 series typical of the mid-80's until the Dash 8 and SD60 locomotives were offered.

-  04-17-2021 05:59
     Great job Drayton! Keep up all the good work Scale Trains! :)

Thomas -  04-17-2021 06:02
     When do you think you will make another N scale rivet counter NS tier 4?

-  04-17-2021 06:04

Jim -  04-17-2021 06:04
     While I model Union Pacific, hence my question earlier, I also have run through service with BNSF on my Greeley sub. I just took delivery of all six rivet counter ES44 in BNSF yesterday. They are great...now I need six UP ES44 locomotives!! Any time soon?

TheNJRailfan -  04-17-2021 06:04
     Can you find tier 4 in a local hobby store in ho scale?

Adam -  04-17-2021 06:07
     I missed out on the n scale CN tier 4's, Any ideas on when the next re-run will be?

AlexC -  04-17-2021 06:09
     What is the minimum number of orders needed for models to go into production?

Jim -  04-17-2021 06:12
     Looks like you have answered everyone's questions Drayton! I love ScaleTrains.com. I have more of your locomotives than any other manufacturer...including Athearn Genesis and Intermountain. One little nit...yesterday, while I really like the lanyard, I did not get my usual couple pieces of candy!! Is Bruce U. still working there? He would send me little notes with my orders.

Rodger -  04-17-2021 06:13
     Any plans for another picnic? (Assuming COVID gets under control)

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 06:13
     There was some discussion on possible AC4400s how soon might that happen and I would like ot see SP Speed Lettering versions.  Yes this live version has been good

drsrr -  04-17-2021 06:13
     How do you determine how many spare parts to bring in?

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 06:15
     I like the streaming format. I think it should still be an option even when in person attendance returns. That way anyone can attend an event regardless to where they live.

drsrr -  04-17-2021 06:15
     I like ordering spare parts from my local hobby shop.  

Randy -  04-17-2021 06:15
     Has the N-scale Standard Turbine proved successful enough to get a Veranda Turbine in the future?

Matt -  04-17-2021 06:16
     will scaletrains be at the st louis MO rpm meet in July?

Randy -  04-17-2021 06:19
     N-scale Veranda Turbine.

drsrr -  04-17-2021 06:19
     Thanks, when the warranty runs out.  I want to replace worn out gears etc.

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 06:19
     Drayton, you mentioned that your an NS guy. Do you have a layout? What's your motive power consist of? Modeling era?

Danster -  04-17-2021 06:20
     Regarding the Norfolk Southern mane locos for NSE, why did you decide to not make the yellow mane an SD70 unit as the prototype?

Danster -  04-17-2021 06:26

trainzman54 -  04-17-2021 06:26
     It may have been talked about earlier, but if and when Scale Trains gets into steam modeling, will they be done similar to the diesel locomotives (e.g. Operator, Rivet Counter, etc.)?

Danster -  04-17-2021 06:26
     thank you

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 06:26
     Same here Drayton. No room for a layout in our Apartment. Just a programming test track. I have a collection of Espee/DRGW/SSW/Amtrak power. I model 1989-1996 pre merger. That's the period I railfanned alot when I lived back in California (San Francisco Bay Area) so my fond memories are of Espee Tunnel Motors, SD45s, GP40s, etc. along with Amtrak F40s and the Phase III paint scheme.

drsrr -  04-17-2021 06:26

Matt -  04-17-2021 06:26
     Drayton, I met you in St Louis at k-10s model trains and i gotta say those are some really cool shortline units and cabooses

Gordy -  04-17-2021 06:28
     will the CN specials be museum quality or Rivet Counter?

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 06:28
     Yes indeed!!!!!!! GP9 too! Gonna have to put that in the suggestion box indeed

Espee4ever(Terry) - Indiana -  04-17-2021 06:29
     Thanks Drayton

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:32
     Good afternoon

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 06:32
     do you think you will offer the late ES44DC type for BNSF in the near runs?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:34
     Do you happen to know if another run of the "Family of Trucks" will be released in the near future? The last run sold out instantly

rkgohl -  04-17-2021 06:34
     Whar are your plans for the MTH HO steam engines?

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 06:35
     when do you think H1 will come for the dash 9's? i know thats a huge one

derek -  04-17-2021 06:37
     can you change the couplers on the fright cars?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:37
     I believe SXT released separately sold trucks with the recent coil cars. I think they were sold under the term "Family of Trucks".

John R -  04-17-2021 06:42
     Thanks for the superb work on the CSXT 3194!! i just added the DCC ready version to my fleet

John R -  04-17-2021 06:42
     Any plans for switching locomotives?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:43
     Will the next run of NS and CSX SD40-2's feature hyatt exposed roller bearing caps on the HTC trucks or will they have the unexposed bearing look?

John R -  04-17-2021 06:45
     I am a retired police officer myself and really appreciate the models and donations you are making to the Pride in Service support groups. I chose the blue and red light version to replicate a police car look1

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:48
     I'm tuning in from Southern-Central PA. Model a bit of everything from late 90's ATSF to modern day NS.

jasonboche -  04-17-2021 06:50
     Good afternoon ScaleTrains.com. Did I see a recent announcement about an HO scale Burlington Northern Pacific Pride locomotive from ScaleTrains.com or is my brain failing me?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 06:50
     I'm a Lancaster native myself. RRMPA is certainly a great museum.

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 06:51
     tuning in from Pittsburgh. Cant wait for the new N Scale Dash 9s to come out

jasonboche -  04-17-2021 06:52
     Ok thanks. I dug through my email and couldn't find it in there or on your website so I think it was the latter - my brain failin gme

John R -  04-17-2021 06:53
     I'm tuning in from Lawrenceville, GA. Originally from Brooklyn NY one of the great things about this area is the mainlines of both CSX and NS run thru and I'm a short drive from the SE Railway Museum in Duluth, GA

Jdg -  04-17-2021 06:54
     Nice video on how trains are made - thanks!

David Brockman -  04-17-2021 06:57
     do y'all plan to do another run of Rivet Counter ET44's in N Scale?

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 06:59
     Mark I would like to thank you for the excellent support on the tunnel motors.  You sent a rail set for one broken handrail and the PC board image to track down the ground lights configuration.  As one can never have enough tunnel motors I can only get the DCC ready versions now and want to upgrade them to full sound units.  I want to order the v5 decoder and 2 speakers from you to upgrade them.  Question is are the super capacitors on the unit or do they have to be added and are there any other parts required to perform the upgrade.

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:00
     If ScaleTrains could produce any locomotive in Rivet Counter, what would you like to see?

Shane -  04-17-2021 07:02
     Hi Mark. You look dapper in your ScaleTrains.com attire.  

Shane -  04-17-2021 07:02
     Are you approving comments?

John R -  04-17-2021 07:02
     I mainly model the late 1960s thru 1976 which is the NYC / PC era that is the main focus of my layout. I really like the Evans RBL Kit Classics and must have over twenty of them on my home roster in addition to painting about two dozen of the undecorated models for myself and modeling friends.

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:04
     On your SD40-2 models, wiring to the rear of the locomotive runs under a small "perfboard chip" (for lack of a better word). I was trying to install sugar cube speakers and I needed to remove the "top half of the chassis" to gain access to the speaker chamber. It was difficult to release those wires in order to give me sufficient room to life off the chassis to get to the speaker chamber. This little chip seemed to be rather securely attached and I had to cut the wires (to be reconnected later) in order to get the top half of the chassis off. Will this chip, with a little force, come off?

Shane -  04-17-2021 07:05
     I see them now.  You're doing great.  No need to approve my comments.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 07:05
     So do you pre-program the decoder before you ship it?  Awesome.  How do I provide the SXT when I order the decoder.  What are the challenges to install the speakers?

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 07:08
     Also can I add the ground lights little PC board to units that don't have them already installed.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 07:10
     I have a programmer however to get it done deal with the proper light and sound files preinstalled would be just great.  Thanks

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:12
     Mark you have been very helpful to me when I have emailed support in the past. I want to THANK YOU for such great service! When I email with so many questions, I am always concerned about wasting your time...hope you don't mind my frequent emails. I am watching from Indianapolis, IN. John O and I met you when we were down several years ago for the "tank car fix" marathon :-)

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 07:13
     Love the venue.  This is my first live session as well.  Currently in Boston and you have a wicked nice hotel in your town.  Sound file download from your web page would be as we say up here wicked pissa.

Patrick -  04-17-2021 07:14
     I'm watching from the Tacoma, Washington area (down south by Olympia). Any info on removing the wheel sets from the locomotive trucks? I like to paint the wheel faces

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:16
     Mark a quick question. I have several ScaleTrains.com Dash 9 locomotives in Union Pacific, BNSF, NS and CSX. I have a lot of difficulty in speed matching these locomotives with a Tier4 locomotive. The Dash 9 startup seems to be quite extended relative to the other ScaleTrain locomotives that are in my stable. What do I need to "speed up" the start of the Dash9 locomotives so that I can at least get into the ball park with speed matching?

Patrick -  04-17-2021 07:17
     Awesome, will do. I need to email to get a few sound files also. Thank you

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 07:17
     The Chattanooga Choo Choo of course.  Its nicely done.

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:18
     Mark I have Tier4's from every run so I will check and email you.

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:18
     Would previously abandoned projects be reconsidered in the future? I believe Shane or another representative said SD60E's were considered and possibly researched before the competitor company announced them. Would these projects be looked back at since it has been some time?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:22
     Great, thanks.

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:24
     Any clue on the ETA of the next announcement for HO?

Samuel Smetko -  04-17-2021 07:24
     I hope the Dreyfuss Hudson is in future for your HO steam engines?

Samuel Smetko -  04-17-2021 07:24
     I'm excited you are going to do passenger cars in HO in the future.

Potx2066 -  04-17-2021 07:25
     Will there be a release of BC rail on the Dash 9?

Rob b -  04-17-2021 07:25
     Great to see you Mark. Keep up your great work.

Lloyd -  04-17-2021 07:27
     Any possibility of you folks making a PCC trolly car?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:27
     What is the process to get sound recordings for decoders on models that no longer have operable, real life counter parts like the Turbines?

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:27
     Mark since you are not getting a lot of questions to keep you busy :-), allow me to ask, in your role as Product Specialist, what is your preference in soldering irons? How hot/wattage is sufficient?

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 07:27
     Do you have any plans to produce the N&W SD40-2 high hood with NW paint scheme

Jim -  04-17-2021 07:30
     Mark I want to also let you know just how helpful the photographs you always include in your answers to my questions are. Please include photos anytime you even think that they might remotely be helpful.

Richard -  04-17-2021 07:32
     Happily Waiting for delivery of my N scale standard turbine.  Any idea what’s next in N scale locomotives?

Sven -  04-17-2021 07:32
     hey mark, i'm watching from germany. i have one question about maintenance on my SXT n scale locos. what will be the best material to lubricate the gearing? something like high quality silicon grease or better using oil (for example WD-40)

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 07:35
     I'm excited you got the HO tooling for the N&W Class J.

Potx2066 -  04-17-2021 07:35
     I have a Gevo and the Ditch lights are dull, Could this be reseted or is this a fault that I may need to send back for repairs ? Do you have a warranty repairs done in Australia? Saves time to ship back. If not a suggestion if you have strong demands of SXT products is to have a warranty repair service done here :)

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 07:36
     What is a road that SXT has not been able to produce that the company would like to do?

tkeohane -  04-17-2021 07:36
     Is there any chance that model railroad equipment can be produced in the US, or are the economics prohibitive?

MAXZORIN85 -  04-17-2021 07:37
     Any news on when BN Whiteface SD40-2s are coming out?

tkeohane -  04-17-2021 07:37
     What do you think about additive manufacturing (e.g. Shapeways) technology? Is that the future for being able to produce unique prototypes?

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 07:39
     One of the HO passenger car tooling you acquired from MTH is for the N&W Powhatan Arrow set.

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 07:40
     Mark, what's your favorite railroad, mine is. NW/NS?

tkeohane -  04-17-2021 07:42
     I'm a huge fan of undecorated equipment. Thanks for producing those versions- hopefully they continue to be available.

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 07:43
     There also the HO 1938 & 1940 20th Century Ltd passenger car tooling you guys acquired from MTH also.

MrLuebeck -  04-17-2021 07:48
     Is there going to be a fix (or something in the works) for the CSX nose logo on the recent run of ES44AH? Like a decal sent to the customer? Not sure if it's been addressed already.

tkeohane -  04-17-2021 07:52
     (Ko-hain): thanks for answering my questions- I appreciate your taking the time, and appreciate ScaleTrains- keep up the amazing work!

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 07:56
     I appreciate the detail that y'all put into your product especially the diesels, when I saw the walkway safety light and rotating bearing caps, it makes the diesels look so realistic. Thank y'all.

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 08:01
     Thank you

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 08:01
     Chesapeake, VA  NS territory

Shane -  04-17-2021 08:01
     Well done Mark.  Thanks for taking time today.

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 08:02
     Oh yeah

MrLuebeck -  04-17-2021 08:02
     New London, WI. Canadian National area

Bitz -  04-17-2021 08:06
     No questions, but thanks for all the great products guys!

mjmx -  04-17-2021 08:07
     upgrade for wrong colors on first run ATSF dash 9?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:10
     I have one of the SP Speed Lettering tunnel motors from SXT and it is by far one of the best models in my fleet. Gotta love those rotary beacons.

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 08:16
     Did y

Jtrain -  04-17-2021 08:17
     Did SXT see more business from customers during the pandemic

Jim -  04-17-2021 08:17
     Mark here is a quick question for you. I usually purchase my ScaleTrains.com locos and rolling stock from you guys direct. After purchasing all of the first run of SD40-2 rivet counter models from you, I went outside my comfort zone and purchased an Operator SD40-2 from a reputable dealer.  However, I found when I first tested the locomotive, that it ran with an occasional “cogging”. It was confined to the rear truck and I thought that perhaps the problem was that the worm gear had simply “jumped out of gauge”. I took it apart, and re-installed the drive train. It ran fine until I completely re-installed the shell and couplers. Somehow, somewhere along the process of putting it back together, the problem re-emerged. All of the gears looked normal but for whatever reason, I can’t figure this one out. It is out of warrantee. Can you give me an estimate, without looking at it directly, what it might cost to “look under the hood” for me?

Reid -  04-17-2021 08:17
     Do you know about fleischmann trains I found some old ones in my grandmas backroom and we don't know much about them they seem like 1950s trains for germany

Bitz -  04-17-2021 08:18
     Your sound equipped reefer containers are very impressive, one of my favorite details on my layout.

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:18
     Are opening doors something that has been looked at for future products?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:19
     Good afternoon from Creswell, Oregon.  Again.

Reid -  04-17-2021 08:19
     Do you know about fleischmann trains I found some old ones in my grandmas backroom and we don't know much about them they seem like 1950s trains for germany

Bitz -  04-17-2021 08:23
     I worked around them for years, and you guys nailed the sound!

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:23
     Apologies, I'm asking about locomotives having opening doors in particular.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:24
     Hello Mark.  And thank you for the assistance with the Esu files for my UP Fast Forty and the CNW SD45.

Jim -  04-17-2021 08:27
     Mark have you ever used a Decoder buddy in your personal installs

robert l -  04-17-2021 08:28
     thank you

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 08:28
     Hi Mark! Any chance of getting a CSX YN2 paint scheme added to a future Dash 9 run?

JordanK4501 -  04-17-2021 08:28
     Hey Mike, Gordy Robinson says hi

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 08:29
     thank you

LKLP -  04-17-2021 08:30
     Mark, if I email you SKU number of the Gevo unit I have that has dull lights will that help rather than I opening the unit to confirm the wiring ?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:32
     Evening Shane!

mjones -  04-17-2021 08:32
     see and hear you

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 08:33
     evening shane!

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:33
     Would previously abandoned projects be reconsidered in the future? I believe a representative said SD60E's were considered and possibly researched before the competitor company announced them. Would these projects be looked back at since it has been some time?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:33
     Good afternoon, Shane!!! Hello Todd!  Y'all need to come out to an op session at Rogue Valley Model Railroad Club in Medford, Oregon.  

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 08:35
     would H1 BNSF be considered for Next run? if so when do you think along with the LATE phase BNSF es44dc?

Patrick -  04-17-2021 08:36
     D&RGW SD45s in run 3?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:37
     Digging the SD40-2 and SD45 locomotives.  Great pullers!  Looking forward to more paint schemes

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 08:39
     im sure you get this alot but will you consider doing dash 9 rebuilds anytime soon? or when on the road is it planned if at all?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:39
     Hey Todd.  Iike how you did early autumn with your tree colors.

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:39
     Will the next run CSX and NS SD40-2's feature exposed hyatt caps or the "sealed", unexposed look like on the HT-C truck tooling currently?

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 08:40
     Great layout Todd.... Shane, are there more N Scale locos and cars coming later this year?

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 08:41
     do you think you will consider a BNSF H4 RCU sd40-2?

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 08:42
     Trackside Scenery for the backdrops

Mike F -  04-17-2021 08:44
     Any plans for Wheeling and Lake Erie SD40T-2 s?

Matt -  04-17-2021 08:46
     shane, i have a tough question for you. Why did you pick the SDL39 when some could argue that its not a popular enough model/not a widely used model.

1971 eagle -  04-17-2021 08:47
     Thanks for doing undecorated SD40-2   with run 5. Will this happen with some  of the upcoming runs?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 08:48
     Would a locomotive like the SP GP40X be considered for museum quality, or were there not enough prototypes to produce them?

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 08:48
     this seems really far off and it sounds off, but would you consider doing narrow gauge? like the whitepass alcos?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 08:48
     I need a ScaleTrains hat so I can wear it at work on the helpers.  Black preferred, lots of tunnel soot up there.🤣

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 08:48

First I like to say that your two predecessors were excellent and the live event has been very beneficial for a number of things.  I’ve worked with Mark on a number of support items in the past and he is excellent.  I got all of my questions answered except these which they deferred to the big dog.  I have also emailed these last week and I have not received a definitive answer.

I’ve looked at the new Santa Fe Dash 9 (Run 4) artwork and it seems to indicate that there are two shades of red on the model.  Is this an artwork artifact or is intended for the upcoming model.  Is the red darker than the first run of warbonnets which was too light and orange and do you plan the make the silver a little more silver (lighter) and less metallic looking.  I’m aware that the new red is based off a paint chip, however was the chip acquired off a newly delivered or sunbaked unit.  The previous version silver seemed to be little too dark as well.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 08:49
     Part 2  There is a character limit.  Could you add stair lights on the four corners.

Last it would be way way cool if you added a dynamic brake glow light LED behind the vents that would come on with the fan when the dynamic brake is applied.  This would work for all GE units.  This would be a dull glow, low intensity LED that would show through the vents like the prototype.  I know this one is on the far out request list, but fun to think about.

mjones -  04-17-2021 08:49
     sound is okay

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 08:51
     Ruben. Has anyone thought of or would it be cost effective to add an end of train device to a coupler to sell all ready from the manufacturer on various freight cars?

Dave Swanson -  04-17-2021 08:52
     Shane, Your sound is OK, there is some slight internet upstream drop out due to bandwidth. Appreciate the candid discussion on how you select projects.

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 08:57
     Any eta for the second run of ES44ACs?

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 08:58
     Hey Shane, thanks for answering my question earlier. Cant wait for more announcements and the arrival of the much anticipated NS standard cab Dash9 in N Scale.

Jim -  04-17-2021 08:59
     This may be a repeat but I did not see it scrolling.
Shane I just received six BNSF ES44s and they are great! As I told Drayton however, while I really like the lanyard, I missed the candy 😊.  Hopefully, you will do Union Pacific next run. Are any SD40N in the future?  Todd, I am disappointed that you are NOT wearing your OSU colors!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:00
     I need sugar free candy.   Diet is killing me.

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 09:01
     Any thoughts of making various tank cars pre 9/ll with Sunco, Mobile, Texico, and etc...  

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:03
     Do you plan to do a Santa Fe standard nose SD40-2 after the snoot soon.

Mike F -  04-17-2021 09:03
     What happened with the SCL SD45 pulling for you that is at the Museum..is that coming back out?

scl69chessie -  04-17-2021 09:03
     Any SCL, SBD, FLS or Chessie in the near future?

pcc_traction -  04-17-2021 09:03
     Hello, any thoughts about plans for producing MTH traction models?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 09:04
     Will the first SXT Steam locomotive be MTH tooling or entirely new tooling?

Nick N -  04-17-2021 09:04
     Hey guys sry if I missed it but any thoughts on producing any Amtrak HO product? Thanks!

Jim -  04-17-2021 09:06
     Shane I miss seeing you guys at trains shows (I understand that you will make the Collinsville RPM) but I do like this format. It gives one an opportunity to casually ask questions (see other questions) and get answers. Thank you for doing this!!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:07
     Little Joe is a must-do

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:07
     Any near term plans for AC4400s.  SP Speed Lettering for starters.

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:08
     When will the next DRGW unit  potentially come out?

Patrick -  04-17-2021 09:08
     You guys ever come out to Washington state?

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 09:09
     Any chance for C40-8W's and the NS C40-8.5W rebuilds? The current dash 8's could use some improvement.

Nick N -  04-17-2021 09:10
     Thanks guys for answering my question, love the NS and CSX locos y'all put out. Yes, any of the new Amtrak passenger cars such as the new Viewliner II fleets and Siemens cars coming out of the factory as we speak would be great additions to modern pax layouts!

Randy -  04-17-2021 09:10
     Sorry if I missed it, but are the Standard Turbines going out next week?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:10
     The latest run of coil cars is very nice! Well done!

mjones -  04-17-2021 09:10
     Att. Nick N - Bachmann has exclusive license from Siemens apparently

Randy -  04-17-2021 09:13
     Enjoy Indy!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:14
     New River Gorge in early autumn.  On my to-do list

Mike F -  04-17-2021 09:15
     Do you scan photo collections?  Have tons of Seaboard System photos roster shots.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:15

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 09:15
     With the popularity of the thrall coil cars, would you guys consider the ever popular VersaCoil cars as well?

Patrick -  04-17-2021 09:17
     You guys every come out to Washington State for shows or to visit hobby shops or clubs?

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:18
     How many projects is the team usually working at one time?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:18
     Horse walks into a bar..  

Patrick -  04-17-2021 09:19
     I'm down by Olympia, south of Tacoma

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 09:20
     Hey Todd (and Shane), any chance of a quick panorama of the layout before the stream ends?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:22
     It was great to meet you in person at the Portland NMRA show.  Dave Carr said you're a good egg.  In short.... He's right.  See what I did there? short joke

Matt -  04-17-2021 09:23
     Shane, when will the next announcement for HO scale be? Also id like to see some more Gunderson 5188 Rivet Counter Hoppers in BNSF scheme.

Ken -  04-17-2021 09:24
     Hey Shane! It's Ken Wagstaff. Good to see you and Todd. Can't wait for the UP DASH-9s to come out.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:25
     bye, Todd

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:26
     Lakeville Mn

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 09:26
     Pittsburgh PA

drsrr -  04-17-2021 09:26
     Napa CA

drsrr -  04-17-2021 09:26

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 09:26
     central IL, 2018+ BNSF

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Bowling Green Ky

Ryderbike1 -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Portland OR, N Scale

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Southeastern/Southern-Central PA. I model 90's atsf alongside 2018 NS

mjmx -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Millville, NJ ATSF & BNSF HO

mjones -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Toronto - HO CP Rail 1950s / OO British Rail late 1980s

Matt -  04-17-2021 09:27
     St louis. I'll see you at the RPM meet. I model Freelance layout with BNSF and Amtrak. HO

chillisub customs -  04-17-2021 09:27
     if you follow railfan220 his next livestream you'll get to see my stuff!

1971 eagle -  04-17-2021 09:27
     Iowa,1985,Union Pacific ,CNW

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 09:28
     Pittsburgh, N Scale, in a club and run everything (SF, NS, Conrail, WP, RI, etc). Love my C39-9s (NS and CR) and Dash 9 (SF, NS and BNSF on the way)

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:28
     Very diverse.  Pre-mopac UP,  California Northern 90s era for a shortline.  Some Milwaukee Road..  CSX for a current class 1

Ken -  04-17-2021 09:28
     Knoxville, TN. UP HO. Great to see you, Shane. I gotta make it down to see you guys soon.

Glen -  04-17-2021 09:28
     Hi again Shane!  Good looking railroad behind you.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:28
     Currently Boston from LA.  Santa Fe, BN and BNSF, SP and DRGW

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:29
     Eventually going to model Moffat tunnel sub for the drgw

Hollie -  04-17-2021 09:29
     I need help picking out a railroad to love being a ScaleTrains.com newbie! ;)

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 09:30
     Ky, W.Va, & Ohio Tri-State area. 70's/80's C&O & Chessie. 90's - present CSX & NS

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:30
     Oh yeah.  CSX has some interesting trains.  I need to get back to the east coast

Marcus Neubacher -  04-17-2021 09:30
     Those big trains in the background look familiar. Hello Shane!

NS6770Fan -  04-17-2021 09:30
     In the next batch of 40-2 tooling, could the RBMN and Pan Am variants be produced? I'd like both for some foreign power ops.

Glen -  04-17-2021 09:31
     Long time no see, Marcus!

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 09:31
     Avon Indiana. Within a few years to a suburb of Indianapolis. HO CSX, Rio Grande, Cotton Belt, Southern Pacific

Hollie -  04-17-2021 09:31
     It is your Hollie

drsrr -  04-17-2021 09:32
     SP SD9E!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:33
     Hardee's.  oh yeah.  I miss the biscuits

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:34
     What’s the minimum order required for projects to be put into production?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:34
     I need a road trip!!

Ken -  04-17-2021 09:35
     Any plans for more Rio Grande locos in the future?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:36
     My first Scaletrains purchase was Turbine 18.  I was blown away, no pun.  Definitely better than brass.  

Nicholas -  04-17-2021 09:36
     what kind of challenges are there when developing a model in N (or S in the future) vs HO

Mike F -  04-17-2021 09:36
     My dad bought your pride in service CSX units and loves them.  Great Job!

Drgw91 -  04-17-2021 09:37
     More drgw locomotives will definitely hurt the credit card. Want to trade any work for locomotives? Ha

Matt -  04-17-2021 09:37
     when/what will be the first thing run from the MTH tooling?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:37
     I can easily justify a trip, will have to hit a hockey game when the Bruins are in town.

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 09:37
     While it seems Athearn is doing Tsunami sound. i noticed the bulk of the manufacturers do Lok Sound. What was your decision to go Lok

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:38
     Did you work at the old Athearn along the SF mainline or after the acquisition.

Jonathan -  04-17-2021 09:39
     Will you be doing S scale and S high-rail as previously done by SHS and MTH or only one or the other? Thanks!

mjones -  04-17-2021 09:40
     any plans for a smaller loco suitable for shelf switching-style layouts?

drsrr -  04-17-2021 09:46
      So why did you leave Athearn?  I know it's a big question, just wanted to do things different?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:46
     Oh, and thanks for the Circus Peanuts candy.  My friends at the club had a hand in that debauchery.🤣🤣

Matt -  04-17-2021 09:46
     do you plan to open a retail store or expand to local hobby shops?

Jonathan -  04-17-2021 09:47
     Would you consider doing the never released but designed S scale SHS E7 as the first model you will release or will you offer new roads on something that has been previously tooled like the switchers, F units, or 2-8-0?

Noah -  04-17-2021 09:50
     Hey Shane! This is Ken’s son Noah. When are you going to do your next in person train show?

Jonathan -  04-17-2021 09:51
     Last S scale question ... :) will you include keep alive capacitors in the S models when you switch them to ESU LokSound? Definitely have my vote. Thanks.

Noah -  04-17-2021 09:52
     It is well. Thank you!

Noah -  04-17-2021 09:52
     Looking forward to seeing you again!

TIm Jones -  04-17-2021 09:53
     HO Fallen Flags in modern guise!  ACL, SAL, Southern, so many great lines that should still be running (even in model form) :)

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:54
     A Milwaukee Road T4 GEVO

mjones -  04-17-2021 09:55
     Do it.  As long as you make it clear much as Athearn has it can provide much needed revenue to fund all the other stuff you want to make and stuff we as modellers want

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:55
     Yes do the SuperFleet and SP Speed Lettering on the Tier 4.  I'm in.

Raleigh -  04-17-2021 09:55
     Months away from being 90. Collected in all gauges. Only layout is LGB G scale on the flat roof of our house, and two Lionel Standard Gauge loops under the Christmas tree. Great to learn of your company and how you started it. Glad to hear you took over MTH. Best of Luck and God bless.

TIm Jones -  04-17-2021 09:56
     A fantasy line to bring that 1957 Seaboard  to 2021with a new Orange Blossom Special!

drsrr -  04-17-2021 09:56
     You make what sells! Your right its a business. I been in front and behind the counter.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:56
     A sand car...... 🤣🤣

mjones -  04-17-2021 09:56
     I suspect the naysayers wouldn't refuse to buy a model, perhaps otherwise undoable, funded by the sales of fallen flag models

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:57
     I swear I just saw a hi-rail truck going down the track behind you

Jonathan -  04-17-2021 09:58
     Will you be able to retain MTH smoke on steam models with switch to ESU?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 09:58
     Those trees are fantastic

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 09:59
     Yes a DRGW Tier 4 to go with my tunnel motors, way cool

TIm Jones -  04-17-2021 10:00
     More Kit Classics?  (Already have the gons on the preorder list)

TIm Jones -  04-17-2021 10:01
     I just love being able to start at the barest option.  Heck, I'd be excited for kit versions of the Operator lines!

Ross3874 -  04-17-2021 10:02
     Hello from Australia. Will you be producing any n scale passenger locomotives?

Darren -  04-17-2021 10:02
     Any all new N scale locomotive announcements planned for 2021?

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 10:04
     Thank you for putting the Man upstairs in the fore front. Most of My lo

Marcus Neubacher -  04-17-2021 10:04
     hmmmm..... 5 ?  :-)

Dustin -  04-17-2021 10:04
     On my latest wish list is Early EMD switchers in HO Scale... NW2s/TR2s... since it has been a long time since any manufacturer has released for 15-20 years. Obviously previous released by BLI and Kato versions but both are very dated in plastic injection quality along with DCC with sound was non existent or subpar. How does previous released models by other model manufacturer's impact Scale Trains decisions to to select a model to produce in a upcoming release?

TIm Jones -  04-17-2021 10:06
      Keep the faith and 🚉 see y'all around the  bend!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:06
     Definitely don't feel like a number when dealing with Scaletrains customer service.  That's huge.

Ross3874 -  04-17-2021 10:07
     Love your n scale locomotives, keep up the great work. Will you be doing any n scale re-releases of past models.

Jonathan -  04-17-2021 10:07
     Amen. Love to know you are grounded in faith! Love what you guys have done. Happy to be along for the ride!

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:09
     I actually did that.  I consider it an inventory upgrade. 🤣

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 10:09
     Shane I planned to be in and out of the sessions today, however it was so good I stayed for 5+ hours.  Based on what I saw today I think you should do something like this from your company directly.  I would call it Track side (you don't do fire I hope) with Shane and team once or twice a month for an hour or so.  Just a thought.

Mike F -  04-17-2021 10:11
     Great job on the Conrail Altoona Bike Olympic SD40-2 everything was perfect on the paint and detail.

Dustin -  04-17-2021 10:11
     Thanks for your answer to my question. Looking forward to some potential NW2s/TR2s to replace and upgrade my old models.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 10:11
     Well I guess I've been sleeping.  Didn't know that.  

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 10:15
     Do you guys have any plans for any Operation Lifesaver Paint Schemes for NS Dash 9s or SD40-2s?

Darren -  04-17-2021 10:15
     Would like to see the N scale Santa Fe -9s released again. You guys have raised the bar for N scale.  Also, is there a more precise ETA for the N multi-max autoracks than on the website?

Dustin -  04-17-2021 10:15
     Awesome... looking forward to seeing the Scale Trains production videos of the CNC production processes coming soon!  That's a lot of plastic parts! 2 million on the ES44 run

Silas -  04-17-2021 10:16
     Will there be another run of bulkhead flat cars?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:16
     When you venture over to China to visit the factory, do you eat Chinese food?

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 10:16
     Shane, it's the little things we notice that makes Scaletrains stand out. Especially the details. Thank you so much for putting us, the customers first!

Jason C. -  04-17-2021 10:20
     Last 3 questions I promise :). Any plans for anything besides multimax including any articulated carriers? Lastly, any modern Hi-Cube boxcars? Lastly, do you guys plan on doing any kind of loyality program? Thanks again for everything you guys do. I consider myself brand loyal to Scaletrains.

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:21
     I'll be watching for the loyalty program. 👍👍

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 10:21
     I've been listening to your production goals and parts counts for the current models plus your MTH acquisition.  Sounds like you have a lot going on.  Are you looking for new employees and if so when and what skill set.  I don't see a career tab on your web page.  Yes watch out for the Chinese peppers.  I learned they are for flavor and not eating.

Mike F -  04-17-2021 10:24
     Market could really use a highly detailed road specific  GP30 ;)  

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 10:25
     I'm proud you got MTH's HO tooling.

MistaCabbage -  04-17-2021 10:26
     Any plans to start producing G scale?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:26
     Yep. A GP30 with the high forehead

Dustin -  04-17-2021 10:27
     Agree! A Great GP30 is needed with Scale Trains tooling!

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 10:27
     Even tooling for HO steam locomotives like Berkshires!

EarlyConrail -  04-17-2021 10:28
     Will there be any Conrail SD40-2 with ditchlights 90's or anything patched conrail early days from PC, CNJ, EL, LV or RDG? Also reruns of C39-8 with V5's?

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:30
     A Scaletrains Little Joe. Lots of potential.  Milwaukee Road and Southshore.  

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:31
     Is there pineapple on the pizza?

Sam Smetko -  04-17-2021 10:31
     Thank you

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 10:31
     Are there plans for another run of the reefer containers with sound?

drsrr -  04-17-2021 10:32
     THANKS SHANE and Scale Trains!~!!!!!!!

Rick Walls -  04-17-2021 10:32
     thank you

JoelAshcroft  -  04-17-2021 10:32
     Very much appreciated you taking the time today to answer questions.

Warbonnet -  04-17-2021 10:32
     It's been great, thanks.  Enjoy the pizza.

Patrick -  04-17-2021 10:32
     Thank you

Silas -  04-17-2021 10:32
     Thank you Shane

Patrick -  04-17-2021 10:33
     Looking forward to ScaleTrains.com new models

Papa.moldy@gmail.com  -  04-17-2021 10:33
     Sign off and enjoy dinner!

Dustin -  04-17-2021 10:33
     Thanks Shane


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