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PIKO America Introduction and G-Scale New Items

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PIKO North American HO-Scale

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Chat History

Rich -  04-17-2021 02:45
     What scale are Piko Large scale trains (1:24 ?,,  1:29?  )

-  04-17-2021 03:35
     Rich, since you are talking about G-Scale... The scale of PIKO G-Scale trains really depends on which model. Most of our steam locos are roughly 1:25-1:26 in order to look correct in proportion to other products on the market from numerous other brands. The American-style hoppers and boxcars are somewhere near 1:32 and were tooling that PIKO purchased years ago - and then had to clean up - from MDC Roundhouse.

Tom Mack -  04-17-2021 05:03
     I am very interested in the new Whitcomb, but definitely want the U.S. version without buffers. I want to make sure Piko knows that some of us not ordering now is not because we're not interested in the locomotive, we just want the U.S. version.

gary -  04-17-2021 05:08
     Do you have any 35209 track available

-  04-17-2021 05:09
     Tom, thank you for your message.  PIKO has not announced all the models being produced, but we have mentioned that there will be more American versions of this model.  The American Whitcomb 65T locos will come without buffers and with our knuckle coupler.  Models will have some options in DC and many with PIKO SmartSound 4.1 (which is fully-NMRA compliant).

-  04-17-2021 05:13
     Gary, at the moment PIKO America is out of 4-footers, though we have 1-footers and 2-footers still.  We will have more 4-footers in May, and some of our retailers still have some in stock too.  (More track, buildings, and of course tons of G-Scale new items have already set sail from Germany.)

-  04-17-2021 05:56
     Well... a break is coming up. If anyone leaves a message during the break we will read over it and respond soon. Enjoy the show.

Joe D -  04-17-2021 06:04
     Any plans for large US steam locos in G scale? Given you have the BR50 it seems like you could come out with an American 2-10-0. FWIW, the LGB Mikado still fetches a pretty penny on the used market so there seems to be some demand.

-  04-17-2021 06:34
     Joe, PIKO does not share specific plans ahead of time... but we can tell you we have looked at producing many new G-Scale items in diesel and steam.  (Many are larger than current North American offerings.)  We have done research on plenty of new items... however deciding what product can be profitable is important for any business.
You can rest assured PIKO will bring more newly tooled items to market... we just can't tell you when, or what yet.

Patnaik -  04-17-2021 06:47
     I have a 56400 smart decoder in one of my engines. Is there a detailed manual in English for that decoder?

-  04-17-2021 06:52
     Patnaik, You can definitely email us at support@piko-america.com and someone will be able to send you more info for your specific decoder model.  (Admittedly, a few are in German but most have German, English and other languages.)

Patnaik -  04-17-2021 07:18
     Thanks, will do.

HappyJack -  04-17-2021 09:52
     Will PIKO engines recognize LGB magnets?

-  04-17-2021 10:00
     HappyJack, They should. Our Mogul locos, and others with the SoundTraxx decoder, should have a reed switch that will activate on an LGB track magnet, and vice versa.

HappyJack -  04-17-2021 10:05
     OK Thanks!

-  04-17-2021 11:03
     night everyone

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