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Chat History

-  04-13-2021 06:41
     We're looking forward to the show on April 17. See you then!  🚂

dpopp -  04-15-2021 06:11
     WGH has provided us a wonderful opportunity to connect to model railroaders everywhere. We look forward to seeing you live on Saturday morning!

-  04-16-2021 12:17
     Just a day away -- can't wait to be a part of this WGH 2021 event!  

-  04-17-2021 04:02
     Beautiful day today! Did you find anything interesting on the show floor?

Gordy -  04-17-2021 04:30
     Hey Hal & David

Gordy -  04-17-2021 04:31
     How would you add a Cricket scene to your layout David?

-  04-17-2021 04:36
     Gordy: I forwarded the message on to the guys. (Steve)

xae736 -  04-17-2021 04:38
     Best way to remove dust from a layout with hurting the scenery?

-  04-17-2021 04:39
     Hi, Xae. Hal and David should get to your question soon.

-  04-17-2021 04:49
     If you have questions for David and Hal while they're online — ask here!

ConductorCody -  04-17-2021 04:53
     I've been a reader of CTT for about 20 years! Been into O for a long time, but not done much scenery yet. What are some tips for covering up mistakes made while making scenery? And what would be a good beginners scenery project for O gauge?

-  04-17-2021 04:53
     The guys have the question now!

-  04-17-2021 04:58
     Ask questions of David and Hal here! You can also ask questions about Kalmbach from the editor behind the chat.

BnDTrainRepair.com -  04-17-2021 04:59
     Good Morning Everyone

-  04-17-2021 04:59

-  04-17-2021 05:02
     What are you finding of interest at the WGH show today?

ConductorCody -  04-17-2021 05:03
     Thanks for your great advice! I'll keep on reading and running my trains!

-  04-17-2021 05:03

-  04-17-2021 05:06
     If you are watching Hal and David ... you can ask questions here!

HO Scale Switching Module -  04-17-2021 05:06
     Just joined in. Wondering if you have any publications that feature the Northeast Corridor passenger service, and NJ Transit?

Roger T -  04-17-2021 05:08
     Does anybody make models (HO) of cars manufactured in this century? US, Japanese, Korean sedans, SUVs.

-  04-17-2021 05:09
     Not as such for modeling ... but Trains Mag. does discuss it from time to time: https://kalmbachhobbystore.com/search?q=northeast+corridor

-  04-17-2021 05:13
     Roger T: Different manufacturers do make different products. A good base selection is at Walthers: https://www.walthers.com/products/layout/vehicles

-  04-17-2021 05:24
     Ask questions of Hal and David ... or the editor behind the chat!

Benoît -  04-17-2021 05:38
     Hello Kalmbach people! Thank you for all the books, magazines, videos and more you do. Great resources!

Art -  04-17-2021 06:46
     WGH2021 coupon code does not work

barry -  04-17-2021 06:55
     hi, there was a video that david popp made about dcc beginners using suitcase connectors

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:12
     Hi all.  Is this where David Popp is going to chat re 'Canadian Canyons'?

-  04-17-2021 07:13

-  04-17-2021 07:14
     Cliff, this is the place. The video is below the chat. It runs about 43 minutes. I'll be here until 3 PM or later, so feel free to ask questions during that time and I'll see what I can do to answer them. David

-  04-17-2021 07:17
     Art, and for anyone else that has discovered it, the WGH2021 coupon code isn't working this morning. It did yesterday, of course, when there were people in the office who could fix it. I'm trying to get someone to resolve it, but likely it won't be fixed this weekend. email me directly next week at dpopp@kalmbach.com, and I'll try to have something for you so you get the discount. DP

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:17
     Great!  I was fascinated by the project when I read about it in MR.   Just watched the video.  Great stuff

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:24
     Is anyone else as interested in the modeling of the crosstie creosoting plant like I was?

-  04-17-2021 07:30
     We ran it with the series in an issue of MR, however, I'm at home and am trying to look up which one. Give me a minute... David

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:32
     wasn't in early 2019?

-  04-17-2021 07:32
     Ok, Cliff, we ran the story by Steve Otte in the May 2019 issue. Hopefully that helps. David

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:35
     I actually did some work at that plant.  Way back maybe some 30-35 yrs ago when it was Ashcroft Creosoting.   Long before Koppers purchased it

-  04-17-2021 07:37
     That's totally cool. If we'd modeled it actual size, it would have taken up the entire layout! David

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:39
     I know.    I didn't recognize it from the aerial shots you showed in the video.   Of course I was there long ago and never saw it from the air

Cliff -  04-17-2021 07:40
     What caught my attention was the accurate modeling of the crosstie stacks.  German sticker-stacking!

-  04-17-2021 07:41
     Just a reminder to anyone joining the chat that this afternoon's session on building the Canadian Canyons is a video, featured directly below this chat box. It runs about 43 minutes. I'll be here until 3 or a little after to answer any questions you may have. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 07:46
     Do you know how many copies of this layout have been built, or are under construction? I know someone who is currently making his own.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 07:47
     Also, I'd be curious to have a rough estimation of the cost of a layout like this one.

-  04-17-2021 07:47
     I believe I have seen three versions of this layout at various stages of the construction process. Most people have modified parts of it to fit their own needs. That's always part of the fun on these things - we've seen many different versions of the project layouts, such as this, the Olympia, the Beer Line, the Virginian, etc. David

-  04-17-2021 07:48
     Hi, Cliff -- KJ Here for a moment too -- Cool that you were employed at the tie plant! I was back in the neighborhood in Fall 2019, and could not believe the new development outa Ashcroft! An "intermodal" facility/port! Wonder what's happened to the industries up there since March 2020?      

-  04-17-2021 07:49
     Always difficult on estimating the cost. There's about $400 worth of track in it alone, and perhaps about $300 in lumber and foam board. The electronics are the most costly bit, as we used block detection throughout the layout. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 07:50
     Thank you David!

-  04-17-2021 07:51
     We are looking for a good home for the Canadian Canyons, but the key is that the new owner has to come pick it up. If interested, contact Kent Johnson at kjohnson@kalmbach.com.

-  04-17-2021 07:51
     It will fit in a typical rental van.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 07:54
     No plan to have the extension you planned being added, David?

-  04-17-2021 07:56
     We've talked about it. I still need to write that story. The problem for us is that the layout is just about too big for us to easily move in and out of the workshop already. By adding an extension to it, we'd really have storage issues then. At this point, I think we are all itching to build an all-new N scale layout. Still, I'd like to write an addition story with track plan for it. I think it would add a lot to the operating value of the railroad. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:00
     Can't wait for this last article. It would be a very nice conclusion. Thank you David, and everyone who contributed to this really inspiring project!

-  04-17-2021 08:02
     You are welcomed, Benoit! We had a lot of fun building it, although I'll be the first to admit that it's going to be a while before I'm ready to make rock castings again! David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:03
     Any clue about the next project? :p

-  04-17-2021 08:05
     Time will tell on the next project railroad. We only just started taking about ideas last week. Plus, we still have a lot of Jones Island to finish yet. David

-  04-17-2021 08:06
     Most likely N scale for sure though as we need it for video work.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:06
     N scale suits better a video project? Why?

-  04-17-2021 08:07
     For those of you just joining the chat, we have discovered an error in the coupon code for this show. With our tech staff off for the weekend, please email me at dpopp@kalmbach, and I'll share a new code for you early next week so you can get your discount. David

-  04-17-2021 08:09
     Not really. We need to have a functional N scale layout in the studio for testing and filming product review models. We found out after the fact that we cannot run passenger cars on the Canadian Canyons layout without doing some modifications to the tunnels and a few curves - which would require some significant scenery alterations. Best to start from scratch there. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:11
     So now getting passenger cars is now one line of your specifications. Thank you again, can't wait for the next project!

-  04-17-2021 08:12
     We'd tested everything with our Kato Amtrak cars, which still run fine on the layout. However, some more recent models are a bit longer or have a greater overhang, which is causing problems. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:14
     European modelers are well aware of this issue, since (modern) passengers cars are overall the longest piece of rolling stock you can have on a layout.

-  04-17-2021 08:15
     Yes, and for the North American guys it's auto racks. We can't run those either as they tend to wedge themselves in the Yale Tunnels part of the layout.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:16
     Have you ever considered to have a layout project not based on a  North American prototype?

-  04-17-2021 08:19
     We've kicked it around a bit. The vast bulk of MR readers are NA modelers. I try to get UK and European layouts into the magazine once in a while, but we usually get some letters about it when we run them. Great Model Railroads is a good spot for us to run one or two of those a year (so if you've got a finished European layout, send me a few photos). I've got a lovely collection of British OO models, and I have every intention of building a layout one day, but that will likely not be featured in the regular magazine. Possibly in a short video series. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:21
     I'm afraid I can't help there! :) I have a Canadian-based layout now.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:22
     (I know that some European editors get some letters when they publish a NA layout too.)

-  04-17-2021 08:22
     That's what I usually see. Most European and Australian modelers who read MR are modeling NA prototype railroads.

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:22
     Or the opposite: we read MR because we model NA! :D

-  04-17-2021 08:23
     Last call for questions for me? I'm off to the next thing at 3:30 CST. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:26
     A but off topic, but: any future episodes of the Log Blog scheduled?

-  04-17-2021 08:27
     Yes. I'm hopeful to get part 3 built this summer and film as I go. I'm sitting at my workbench at the moment staring at it as I type this. Trains.com and Jones Island have taken all of my available modeling time right now, but I'm hopeful to be back to it soon. David

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:28
     Great! Again, can't wait to watch it!

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:28
     (Not pressure. :D)

Benoît -  04-17-2021 08:28

-  04-17-2021 08:29

gerhunpolam1@gmail.com -  04-17-2021 08:43
     I am most distressed that the Magazine Index that has been freely available to magazine subscribers on the MR part of trains.com, including many periodicals NOT published by Kalmbach, seems to have disappeared.  Other sources tell me that it's gone and not coming back and by efforts by others to continue have been rebuffed.  I badly need to know what I'm entitled to from Kalmbach online as a print subscriber to MR, Trains and Classic Trains without paying extra.  I'm strongly inclined not to continue as an "Unlimited" member beyond the 30-day free trial period.  I've been trying unsuccessfully to get solid info on this for more than two weeks.  I strongly suspect that others would also greatly appreciate having it.  My email address is gerhunpolam1@gmail.com

-  04-17-2021 08:44
     Rene here. I am forwarding your concern to Becky James, our Customer Service person.

gerhunpolam1@gmail.com -  04-17-2021 08:46
     Thank you, Rene!  I'm sorry I missed the live session with David Popp; I just got back from my longest walk of the day while it wasn't raining.

-  04-17-2021 08:48
     David will be checking this chat off and on if you have a question. :-)

pgrice -  04-17-2021 08:48
     I have not subscribed to Trains.com unlimited.  I have subscribed to  Trains and MR for over 40 years and to Garden Railway and Classic Trains since inception.  I am most distress that I CAN NOT reach any of my "print Subscription" benefits without Trains Unlimited.

-  04-17-2021 08:51
     You still have subscriber access to News Wire (for Trains), Track Plan Database/Cody's Office/Hobby web cam (for MR).

pgrice -  04-17-2021 08:53
     No I don't.  It won't let me log in

-  04-17-2021 08:54
     We are having some log in problems. If you are comfortable sharing your email address here, I can forward to a Kalmbach employee for help. If you aren't, I can give you an email address to contact.

pgrice -  04-17-2021 08:54

-  04-17-2021 08:56
     I have sent your concern to someone who can help. I am not sure if she is working this weekend or not, however.

pgrice -  04-17-2021 08:56
     Thank you!!!

-  04-17-2021 08:57
     You're welcome. I apologize for the trouble.

pgrice -  04-17-2021 08:59
     I haven't been able to read News Wire for over 2 weeks.  It keeps "you have reached your 8 article limit"

-  04-17-2021 09:00
     A quick suggestion that I know about, if you'd like to try it today, is to delete your cache and cookies from your browser.

pgrice -  04-17-2021 09:01
     I'll try that.  Thanks

-  04-17-2021 09:01
     Hello all, I dropped back in for a minute. Yes, Trains.com is a work in progress. We hope to have the log in issues sorted soon. Please let us know if you're having trouble, as we can then get you connected with someone who can help you early next week. David

-  04-17-2021 09:02
     And yes, Rene is correct. If you can find the cookies cache from Trains.com in your browser, by clearing that, you should be able to log into the site again. David

Fritzi -  04-17-2021 09:21
     Good to see Kent working on the railroad!  And look at that PIKO Clean Machine doing more than just cleaning track!

-  04-17-2021 09:24
     Yes, Kent's got a great layout! And I'm really thrilled he hasn't asked be back to haul ballast for him!  😆David

Peter -  04-17-2021 09:31
     I was wondering how you get your layout featured in MR? I sent in some photos and an article last April at the beginning of all the 2020 mess and haven't heard back. I've tried calling and emailing too. Would MR be interested in a 12 year olds HO layout? It's pretty cool...and I'm currently building another one.

-  04-17-2021 09:34
     Hi Peter, this is Rene from Kalmbach. If you feel comfortable sharing your email, last name and layout name, I can send editor Carl Swanson a message and ask him to reach out to you. I apologize that it's taken so long to get a response.

Peter -  04-17-2021 09:35
     Here's my mom's. pattyvc@sbcglobal.net, Van Campenhout is my last name and the layout is called Rockland Gorge. Thanks

-  04-17-2021 09:37
     I have shared your information with the MR staff (not sure who may have received your query) and asked them to drop you a line. Likely you won't hear back until early next week, as not everyone is working this weekend.

Peter -  04-17-2021 09:38
     Thank you!

-  04-17-2021 09:43
     Thanks for tuning into the Joy Division 2021 first-run event!

dorcurto@gmail.com -  04-17-2021 09:59
     Thank You

ed -  04-17-2021 10:01
     Joy Division?  Are you talking anout the music group, or am I missing something??.....

ed -  04-17-2021 10:08
     I too am curious to know if your magazine article index will be returning.  I believe that is the only resource of its kind, and it is extremely handy

-  04-17-2021 10:12
     Ed, the Canadian Railway,  Joy Division is the name of Kent Johnson's garden railroad.

-  04-17-2021 10:12
     As for the model train index, I'm afraid I don't know the answer to this question. I have messaged David Popp.

ed -  04-17-2021 10:16
     Thank you, I know of Joy Division in two entirely different contexts

-  04-17-2021 10:19
     Hello all. Unfortunately, the magazine article index was too broken for us to fix and rebuild into the new Trains.com. It was originally developed in 2000 by a group outside of Kalmbach, and eventually they just gave it to us to use in the old version of Trains.com. It has been struggling for years, and there were large periods of time recently where it didn't even work anymore. There is an outside group that I've been talking to who is working on making a new one as a free-use resource on the internet. I think they are close to having it ready to launch. When they do, we will make sure to tell everyone about it. David

jasonboche -  04-17-2021 10:23
     The WGH2021 coupon code is not working when I try to purchase the "Best of" Bundle (Item #66498) in the hobby store.

-  04-17-2021 10:24
     Hello Jason. yes, the code, which worked yesterday, has been down all day today. Please email me at dpopp@kalmbach.com. Early next week I will get you a working code to use and send it to you. Sorry for the mix up and thank you for your patience. David

ed -  04-17-2021 10:25
     That is very good to hear

-  04-17-2021 10:26
     The offer for the coupon code is open to anyone in this chat. Just email the address above and David will send them out next week.

jasonboche -  04-17-2021 10:29
     Thank you

jasonboche -  04-17-2021 10:29
     Thank you David and what a pleasure it is to finally talk to you. :)

-  04-17-2021 10:29
     I'm still here for a minute yet if you have any other questions, Jason.

-  04-17-2021 10:33
     Ok, everyone, I'm signing off for the day. This has been fun, and I hope you've enjoyed your time at the virtual show. I know I have. Best wishes on your modeling endeavors! David

-  04-17-2021 10:54
     Going to wrap up this chat. Thank you to everyone who participated today. Hope you enjoyed it!

Meet the Maker!

The Canadian Canyons – The making of a landmark N scale project layout. You’ve seen the Canadian Canyons N scale (1:160) project layout on MRVP/Trains.com, and in the pages of Model Railroader magazine (Jan.2019). Now you can learn the inspiring design insights and hear the construction backstories from layout architect David Popp.

To PLAY the video, press the triangle in the lower left corner. VOLUME can be controlled with the 5 blue bars in the lower right corner

Visit us online at https://www.trains.com